Tom Larsen is the President of GreenSmart, a Consumer Brand of bags made from eco-conscious materials. Tom serves as a Board Member of the Alumni Association of the College of Natural Resources at U.C. Berkeley, where he earned his B.S. in Conservation of Natural Resources. He spent his immediate years after graduation in the energy management industry serving on the Board of the Association of Professional Energy Managers prior to gravitating to consumer products which he has been in since 1988. Tom spends his recreation time in the gardens with his wife, Debbie Williams in the Sierra Foothills, is a seasoned traveler (only 4 states away from all 50), enjoys college football, plays baritone in the Nevada County Concert Band, is a model railroad hobbiest, loves to learn and just enjoys being out and about observing whatever comes along.


travel, history, geography, environment, college football (go bears), business/marketing, model railroads